Our Mission

Downtown Long Beach at Sunrise

Our Mission

At Shoreline United FC, we are driven by our passion for the beautiful game and the transformative power of sports. Our mission is to create a positive impact in our community by bringing people together and changing the culture surrounding soccer in the US. 

We believe that soccer has the power to change lives and we are committed to helping individuals become the best they can be both on and off the field. Our goal is to build a foundation for success that will last for years to come, and to create a team that embodies the spirit of Long Beach. 

We are inspired by the love of the game and the joy it brings to players and fans alike. We are dedicated to creating a team that represents the diverse and vibrant community of Long Beach and to build a soccer culture that celebrates the beauty, passion, and excitement of the sport. 

At Shoreline United FC, we are dreamers and doers. We are committed to taking concrete steps to bring our ideas to life and to create a team that reflects our values and vision. Our ultimate goal is to make soccer a part of the fabric of Long Beach and to share our love of the game with everyone in our community.

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