Meet Our Founders

Co-Founder - fan experiences, Sponsorships

Brandon Brum

In Brandon's own words

"I want to be able to help people become the best they can be and in the process hopefully change the culture surrounding soccer in the US. I played the game for 10+ years of my life and I can honestly say I don’t know if I would be the person I am today if I had never stepped on the field, that is the power of sports. Running a professional team has always been a goal, but bringing a team to the city you went to school, that’s what dreams are made of. My hope for this team is that we can bring people together and change their lives for the better because, at the end of the day, that’s what matters and why soccer is the greatest game on the planet."

Co-Founder - Strategy, Operations & Treasurer

Sebastian De Smedt

In Sebastian's own words

"Football is not just a sport in Europe, it is part of our culture. We grow up with it. It is the leading topic for office chats, chats in the playground and when you catch up with your friends. From the moment I was able to pick a sport and join a club, I picked football because all my buddies were playing it and I saw all these star players on TV that inspired me to become a player myself. That initial spark and attraction to the sport resulted in me playing it for over twelve years in a club setting. Once I moved to a different city, at the age of 18, I stopped playing for my club but kept playing Sunday league. The sport also kept dominating my life ambitions. I switched my interest to the business side of the game and wanted to end up working at a professional club or work with and for the players in an agent position. Starting our own club is a dream come true, as this ties in all my interests and ambitions in one big project. I want to make this team successful and build a foundation for many years to come. This sport is part of my DNA, and I want to share that passion with everyone involved and interested in our Long Beach Team."

Co-Founder - Community Outreach & Digital Marketing

Willie L. Alexander III

In Willie's own words

"After I was done running track and field, I was in a mini-identity crisis. The only thing that helped was playing and following soccer again. LAFC joined the MLS officially in 2018, and I was hooked on their club identity from the beginning. I had forgotten how much love I had for the sport. Following LAFC and playing in an adult soccer league helped me cope. The sport to me is like fast-paced chess. So much strategy happening, so many moving pieces and I love watching every second of it.  I'm also a dreamer. I find myself at times, daydreaming of bringing ideas to life in detail. I'm done dreaming, and excited to take steps to bring our idea into reality. Bringing a UPSL team to Long Beach is going to be a pleasure. We are Long Beach, We are Shoreline United FC."

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About Shoreline Untied

Brandon, Sebastian and Willie meet in 2017 when they joined
the sports managment master
program at Long Beach State.
Learning team 33 was the name of
their cohort and where they
became friends.

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